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Radio Connection Partners with Gow Media: The Home of SportsMap Radio Network & 500+ Network Affiliates!

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Our exciting partnership with Gow Media makes it possible for us to get students training one-on-one with the very same professionals heard on the radio. Get unparalleled exposure to sports media and all aspects of technical production work and build the awareness, understanding, connections as well as the confidence it takes to build a thriving career in media. Say goodbye to stuffy classrooms and dusty textbooks. Our eBook curriculum is geared towards today’s practices.

Through training directly with a professional, the learning you get is acquired through doing, through having conversations, and through observing how living, breathing content that grabs listeners gets made, day in, day out. Gow has numerous radio stations and more than 500 station affiliates on the FM dial and online including: ESPN 97.5 FM, ESPN 92.5, CultureMap, SportsMap, InnovationMap, AutomotiveMap and more.

In approximately 20 weeks Radio Connection students will have the opportunity to learn about the many facets of radio broadcasting and being a powerhouse creator in today’s fast-paced industry. Our approach enables hardworking, driven individuals to learn and sharpen their skills inside of an actual radio station, podcasting studio, or even from their own homes, depending on what works best for their needs and goals.

One of the biggest disruptions to your life after high school is moving away from home to follow your educational path. While getting away from home and becoming self-sufficient is certainly a worthy goal, not everyone has the opportunity, or the means, or is in a situation to make this feasible.

Fortunately, with the Radio Connection, this disruption is not part of the equation. Why? Because we are located in most cities and towns throughout the United States. Chances are that you don’t have to move to where we are located because we’re already near where you live. If you already have a job, you don’t have to give it up to attend the Radio Connection because your classroom (studio or station) time can be scheduled around your job requirements.

It used to be that New York and Los Angeles were the hubs of the entertainment business. Today, because we live in a digital world with online connectivity, this simply isn’t the case anymore. Sure, New York and Los Angeles have more opportunities for work—but they also have much more competition for this work.

This is especially true in radio where a DJ’s physical location and the location of the radio station they work at are often not even in the same state.

We have mentors in every state who, over the course of six months, will teach you real world skills. By the conclusion of our program you will be an industry vet who is more than prepared to work in any work environment.

Recording Connection is committed to the success of our students. Regardless, of location, skillset, or desired career path in broadcasting, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your professional goals.


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