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Dallas / Ft. Worth / Arlington Radio Broadcasting School by Radio Connection

Among the numerous options among radio broadcasting schools available in Dallas/Ft. Worth/Arlington, the RADIO CONNECTION is the only school that gets you in the door of an actual Dallas/Ft. Worth/Arlington radio broadcasting facility, working as a student apprentice (extern) while you learn the ins and outs of radio.

You could easily spend 10-50 thousand dollars to take a radio broadcasting course at a college or trade school, or you could learn more efficiently on-the-job in a real broadcasting facility for far less money. The choice is clear! Learn directly from the pros, and get connected to the industry while you get educated from inside it. No school gets you learning the ropes more effectively or affordably than our radio school alternative.

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The city of Dallas (the third largest in Texas) hosts a population of just over a million people; Ft. Worth, located 30 miles west, is home to just over 700,000, with the city of Arlington located between the two. Taken together, these cities anchor a 12-county region called the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex (or DFW), with a combined population of over 6 million people. It’s no surprise, then, that this sprawling metroplex is ranked as the nation’s fifth largest radio market by Arbitron, with over 60 radio stations broadcasting across the area. (DFW is also the 5th largest television market, according to Nielsen.) While the formats of these radio stations are all across the board, of particular note is 99.5-FM (“The Wolf”), one of the nation’s most respected country stations. Dallas/Ft. Worth/Arlington is also home to the largest Latino broadcasting company in the States, Univision Radio, Inc. (formerly Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation, or HBC). The City of Dallas also owns and operates the 2nd oldest commercial radio station in the country, classical station WRR-AM.

Dallas/Ft. Worth/Arlington is home to four major sports teams, the Dallas Cowboys (NFL), the Texas Rangers (MLB), the Dallas Mavericks (NBA), and the Dallas Stars (NHL). Notable people with ties to DFW include producer Aaron Spelling, musicians Jessica Simpson, Meat Loaf, Demi Lovato and Stevie Ray Vaughan; actors/brothers Owen, Luke, and Andrew Wilson; baseball legend Ernie Banks; and former President George W. Bush.

With a media market as large as that of DFW, there are plenty of opportunities to connect to the radio broadcasting industry–but you can’t make those connections in a college classroom. Through our innovative mentor-apprentice (extern) approach, the RADIO CONNECTION places you directly into a real radio broadcasting studio for one-on-one training and mentoring with a seasoned professional. Combining a structured curriculum with plenty of hands-on instruction and experience in the day-to-day happenings of the studio, our 6-month program will help you connect directly to the industry as you prepare for a career as an on-air personality, program director, control engineer, or any other radio career you might desire. Enroll in our Dallas/Ft. Worth/Arlington radio school today, and find out why over 70 percent of our students get hired.

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