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If you are serious about a career in broadcasting, radio, hosting your own show on TV, on YOU TUBE or working in Digital Media we invite you to compare the Radio-Radio Connection with any other school on the planet. We are confident that once you compare us on the criteria that really matter you’ll see that the Radio Connection is your best choice—and that it’s not even close.

Other programs major focus is to get you to graduate. You see, if enough of their students don’t graduate, then they lose their Federal Student Aid. At Radio Connection, we place our priorities on training you in what it takes to be a broadcaster, announcer, voice over talent or show host.

Our unique, industry approved, mentor/extern program is designed to place you in contact with working professionals in the broadcast industries. How’d you like to learn as an extern inside your favorite radio station, Spotify, Facebook, You Tube or a professional TV station and more? Our unique method of learning on the job gets you both connections and experience. So, when you graduate from the Radio Connection you are much more than a statistic, you are a seasoned, trained professional with a boat load of industry contacts, ready to take on the world and display your awesomeness.

Why The Radio Connection Is Better

  • Our program cost significantly less. Just one reasonable tuition fee, from beginning to end, everything included.
  • You’ll learn one on one. You’ll learn from a professional broadcaster or show host with at least 15 years of experience. There is no better way to learn than by being inside a broadcast operation.
  • We’ve got locations in fifty states and over two hundred and fifty cities in the U.S. This means you don’t have to quit your day job and you don’t have to move to go to school.
  • We train you to be a working professional in 7 months. Other courses beat around the bush and stuff your head with useless information. We cut to the chase and teach you everything you need to know in an efficient and effective manner.
  • You’ll learn in real radio stations, broadcasting operations, digital media companies and more.
  • You’ll be getting real world experience. You know that old saying: “You can’t get a job unless you have experience, but how do you get experience unless you have a job?” Problem solved. With Radio Connection you are gaining experience while you study because you are learning as an extern—essentially you are learning on the job.
  • You’ll be making real business connections while you learn. Jobs in the broadcasting business aren’t advertised. They aren’t recruited. It’s all about who you know. Know the right people and doors open. It’s really that simple.

Why We are Effective

We’ve fine-tuned our curriculum for 30 years. We’ve been working hard to make our school the absolute best program there is. Period. We strongly believe that when you compare us to the competition that the Radio Connection is the best program out there.

Students Can Learn From:

  • Jehue Francois
  • Pat Walsh
  • Eytan Shander
  • Fred Hodges
  • LA Lloyd
  • Chris Torrick
  • Jim Daniels
  • Sean “The Rabbi” Tyszler
  • Dave Margalotti
  • Craig Larson
  • Meredith Harris
  • Todd Ronczkowski
  • Chadd Scott
  • Jon Arias
  • Joe Grande
  • Jonathan Shaffer
  • Marc “Ryan” Rapetti​

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