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What We Do

We rock.

There’s just no other way of putting it.

We are just the best there is at what we do. And what we do is really nice. We make people’s dreams come true. We give people careers. We’re responsible for the next generation of amazing creators in the radio and broadcast world.

Why The Radio Connection Works

The Radio Connection works because we put the time and energy in. Our programs are all mentor/extern based. One-on-one learning is really the only way to effectively train someone for a successful career. It’s just as simple as that.

If you want to be the host of your own show, to get your voice heard, the Radio Connection will get you there further and faster than anyone else.

What Will I Learn From The Radio Connection?

If you are accepted into our program we will immediately put you to work changing the oil in all of our cars… Just kidding! You’ll be learning how to be a professional in either a radio station or broadcasting company. You’ll be gaining knowledge in a one-on-one intense 6-month course.

The ultimate goal of our program is to get you a job. We’ll be constantly introducing you to people and having you work with industry pros. And to finish things off, after you graduate we’re going to give you a full year of Work Placement Assistance.

Please fill out the following information, and Admissions will contact you: