Total Cost for the Radio Connection for Radio Broadcasting:


Includes base cost of $13,680 plus $3800* associated fees. *Associated Fees for the program are $3800.00 (non-refundable) and include Administrative and Institutional Fees, Materials, Software, Tutorial and Student Support Services.

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Just take a second to think about all the money that you’ll save by attending the Radio Connection. Degrees don’t mean anything in creative fields. Larry King never went to college and if you want to become a broadcasting legend the quickest path is to get yourself behind a microphone in a local radio station—just like Larry did.

Being in the radio and broadcasting business isn’t about what degrees you have. It’s about who you know and what you know. And with the Radio Connection you’re going to learn everything thing you need to know and you’re going to meet all of the people that may offer you employment once the program is over. It’s just that simple.

And the programs are half as expensive as our competitors.

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