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Information About the Radio Connection

If you are looking to become a radio, TV or YouTube show host, an announcer or voiceover talent, you are no doubt being overwhelmed with all the information you’re finding. Different schools all proclaiming to have the best offerings. Friends and parents trying to help by adding their two cents. Your own due diligence. But let’s be real, this IS the information age and there’s no such thing as too much information—as long as you can correctly determine which information is useful and which isn’t.

If you want to be a show host, radio DJ, sportscaster or program director, we believe we have one of the best training programs available. Even more importantly, we have endorsements from famous show hosts like Larry King, Dr. Drew and others endorse us. Why? Because our approach works!

Here’s some more information on our program and our unique, industry approved, mentor extern method of education for radio and broadcasting.

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