Can I Keep my Day Job?

Can I keep my day job while attending the Recording Radio and Film Connection?

In short: Yes.

Look, we realize that you’ve gotta have a way to make some cheddar. And we’re cool with that. We set up our programs to work around your schedule. If you can only work nights, then that’s when you work. If you can only work weekends, then that’s when you work. We’ll schedule your courses around your work schedule.

All of the RRF programs are as intense as you want them to be. If you want to show up and work five days a week for ten hours a day, nobody’s going to stop you—once you’ve gained your mentor’s trust. If you can only squeeze two days a week for seven hours each, that’s ok, too. It’s all about how much effort you want to put forth.

Remember, you’re here to impress people. You’re here to show everyone what you can do. You’re here to make lasting contacts that will one day pay off into a lucrative career.

It doesn’t matter where you are, what day job you have, or what experience level you’ve got. All you have to be is enthusiastic and a hard worker and you’re virtually guaranteed to succeed. It really is that simple AND our method of education is really that good.

Apply yourself, learn your craft, make connections, and impress people.

Boom. You’re in. And you’re successful. And your life is wonderful.

You’re welcome, friend.

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