The Application Process

Simply put: It couldn’t be easier.

You’ve already done the difficult part. Now, you just apply!

Simply fill out the questionnaire on the form on this page and expect a call from one of our Admission Counselors. Or, if you want to fast track your application, call us.

After you convince one of the Admissions Counselors that you’re passionate and driven then you’ll speak to the Head of Admissions. This is last checkpoint to make sure you have what it takes.

If you’ve been given the green light, which I’m sure you will be because you’re smart and hardworking, you’ll be invited to sit down with your mentor in a real radio station or broadcast operation.

After this your prospective mentor and the RRF faculty will sit down and decide if you are approved.

After you’ve been approved you will pay your tuition and then you’ll be off to the races.

Did you notice that I never mentioned anything about application fees, processing fees or additional charges? That’s because there aren’t any! None! Your tuition covers absolutely everything. And, if you’re not accepted, you aren’t charged a dime. So, literally, you have nothing to lose by applying.

The Radio Connection is the absolute best way to spend your money. And we don’t ask for a dime until you know you’re absolutely sure that RRF is the best place for you to be.

So you’re here, on your computer, reading this. Why? You have all the info. Why are you not filling out the application? Why are you not calling our offices? This is insane!

Why are you still reading this! Time is of the essence! C’mon, friend! C’mon!

We Have Many Success Stories

Every week we ask our students to review how they are progressing with our program.

We've got questions, and they've got answers!

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Recording Connection provides unique, mentor-based programs that are affordable, so you can stay in control of your finances.

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