One on One Learning

The best way to learn just about anything is one-on-one. Just you and the teacher. This allows you to go at your own pace; learn exactly what you are interested in; and get questions answered in a timely manner.

Of course, the success of one-on-one learning depends upon the quality of your teacher. Obviously, the quality of your teacher is an important consideration no matter how you learn—traditional classroom setting, online learning or private one-on-one in person apprenticing like we do with the Radio Connection.

Our teachers (we call them mentors) are all broadcast professionals: announcers, radio DJs, hosts, voiceover artists, program directors, TV Hosts, You Tube Content Producers and the like. They’ve all been in the business an average of 15 years, and there’s not much they don’t know about the broadcasting industry. Let’s face it, they’re pros.

So think about it. Who would you rather learn from? Some teacher who may or may not have ever broadcast anything in their lives? Or someone like Jim Daniels, Walter Sabo, Sean the Rabbai, Eytan Shandler, Erica Farber, and others?

One on one learning, the mentor apprentice (extern) method of education. It’s been around since Socrates and Aristotle for a reason—because it works. When you really think about it, why would you want to learn any other way?

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