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With Radio Connection you are not just an intern, no, if accepted into our radio and broadcasting program you will be taking a structured course curriculum (written by working radio and broadcast professionals) under the direct supervision of a radio or broadcast professional. You will do your homework at home (that’s why it’s called “home-work”) and then bring it to your mentor inside the radio station or broadcasting facility on a weekly basis. Your radio mentor will check your work, discuss your progress and then allow you to work as an intern and an extern in the radio station or broadcasting operation for up to 30 hours per week (part time, night and weekend programs are also available).


The Radio Connection Course Curiculum is designed to give its students a comprehensive education in all things radio and broadcasting. By combining our structured course with your hands on practical, in-station externship you will learn how to host a show and deliver the news, weather, announce breaks, read copy, better your speech and more. The fact is, Radio Connection will train you in any aspect of the radio or broadcasting business you are interested in.


Woman on phoneI signed up and was accepted into the radio program because I demonstrated to Radio Connection how much I wanted this. I received hands-on training at Power 105.1 FM RADIO New York by their very own, on-air personality Chuck the-Dogg Tolbert. It was better than I could of ever expected. I’m so glad I went with you guys instead of Connecticut School of Broadcasting. Your program gives students a chance to work with an actual professional inside a real station. I got to work with DJ Cut and Ed Lover also. It was incredible just listening to the stories they would tell me. I got to go into the studio and just hang out and listen, and after each session we would go out for coffee and they would answer all my questions, we became friends. I spent 8 hours per week in the studio learning commercial delivery, copywriting, timing, mics, radio broadcasting and overall what a real radio station is all about. I just don’t see how anyone could even compare this to regular college. I know what I know today because of the Radio Connection Program.
Radio Connection Graduate
New York, NY

Radio Connection works because it is well designed. For hundreds of other Radio Connection Success Stories, click here.

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