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Want to get working in radio in Nashville? Congratulations–you’ve just found the Nashville radio school alternative! The Recording Radio Film Connection & CASA Schools (RRFC) is a post-secondary institution or trade school that takes a revolutionary approach to getting people trained inside of the industries and work environments in which they aspire to work.

As a program area of RRFC, Radio Connection is the alternative to conventional college or university radio school programs. We get your foot in the door of a radio station right on the very first day of your training. As a student with us, you become an extern to a working, well-experienced radio broadcasting professional who can show you the ins-and-outs of radio broadcasting direct and one-on-one.

You do not have to spend 10-50 thousand dollars to study radio broadcasting inside of the stale classroom of an expensive college or trade school. We can train you in a real broadcasting studio for far less money and time too. Play it smart, get on the inside track, and learn the secrets of radio broadcasting directly from the professionals who do radio for a living. Our radio school alternative is the practical, effective, and industry-oriented training program that’s geared towards helping you get real, usable knowhow, insight, and connections.

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Among the radio schools and trade schools available in and around Nashville, Tennessee, the RADIO CONNECTION is the only one that gets you inside an actual Nashville radio broadcasting studio as a radio student extern, learning the ins and outs of broadcasting by working directly with the pros. If you want to build a career in the field of radio, then it just makes sense to get trained inside the industry. As a student extern, you can train inside a real Nashville radio station. We’re the radio trade school that gets your foot in the door and we’ve been doing it for more than 3 decades!

Learning the nuts and bolts of radio broadcasting takes so much more than simply hearing about it in a class lecture or reading about it in a textbook. We know learning about radio in an environment that’s removed from the actual radio broadcasting environment just isn’t the most effective way to learn. Persons who want to excel in radio as DJs, commentators, hosts, producers, and radio personalities need one-on-one direction, coaching, and feedback. Radio broadcasting programs in college just can’t offer their students the direct, hands-on training they need to hone their talents and abilities. With us, students train in a real broadcasting studio for generally far less in tuition than they will pay at a college, university, or other trade school program. Our radio school alternative curriculum is written by Jim Daniels of NBC, a highly respected, successful radio host. Lessons include everything from voice and speech training, to interviewing, ad-libbing, writing commercial copy, sportscasting, FCC rules and regulations, and more.

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Tuition Costs Compared

1 $12,250 - Radio Connection
2 $18,000 - JUNIOR COLLEGE
3 $15,000-$25,000 - TRADE SCHOOL
4 $1,500-$75,000 - ONLINE SCHOOL
5 $50,000-$250,000 - TRADITIONAL SCHOOL

Make no mistake, student debt kills dreams. Our low tuition costs were designed to keep you out of debt.


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Recording, Radio, Film Connection & CASA Schools is licensed by the State of Tennessee Higher Education Commission.

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