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St. Louis, Missouri

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If you want to break into radio in the thriving St. Louis market, the best way to do it is to extern in a real St. Louis radio station. That’s where we come in.

Don’t make the mistake of spending 10-50 thousand dollars or more on an expensive classroom-based radio training program at a college or trade school, when we can teach you in the heart of the action for far less money. Learn directly from the pros, and get connected to the radio industry by getting your education on-the-job. Compare us and see: our radio school alternative is the smartest, most cost-effective program on the market today.

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Nicknamed the “Gateway to the West”, St. Louis, Missouri sits near the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, marking the starting point of the historical journey of Lewis and Clark (as celebrated by the famous Gateway Arch). Even today, St. Louis continues to serve as a crossroads for the country, with numerous major businesses having headquarters here. St. Louis is home to several major sports teams, including the St. Louis Cardinals (MLB), St. Louis Rams (NFL) and St. Louis Blues (NHL). St. Louis is also known historically for its jazz, blues and barbecue. Notable figures with ties to St. Louis include Chuck Berry, Sheryl Crow, Yogi Berra, Miles Davis, Joseph Pulitzer, Tennessee Williams, John Goodman, and ragtime legend Scott Joplin, to name a few.

Hosting a metro population of 2.8 million people, the Greater St. Louis area is ranked by Arbitron as the 22nd largest radio market in the United States, with dozens of high-powered radio stations competing for market share. Whether your desire is to be a radio DJ, sportscaster, talk show host, station manager, programming director or technician, St. Louis holds plenty of real-world opportunities to learn, grow and connect. And the RADIO CONNECTION can help you make the most of those opportunities by placing you in real radio station, from day one.

Our innovative mentor-extern approach is the secret to our success. Never mind classrooms and campus “practice” studios; our program has no use for them. Rather, we pair you with a highly experienced radio professional who trains and mentors you one-on-one in a real broadcasting facility, so not only do you get a quality education, but you also gain the valuable work experience and industry connections needed to give you an advantage in the job market.

Does our program work? Ask the 70 percent-plus of our graduates who have gone on to successful industry jobs. Enroll in our St. Louis radio school, and you could be next.

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Tuition Costs Compared

1 $12,250 - Radio Connection
2 $18,000 - JUNIOR COLLEGE
3 $15,000-$25,000 - TRADE SCHOOL
4 $1,500-$75,000 - ONLINE SCHOOL
5 $50,000-$250,000 - TRADITIONAL SCHOOL

Make no mistake, student debt kills dreams. Our low tuition costs were designed to keep you out of debt.


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