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Jacksonville, Florida

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Make no mistake–the best way to break into the Jacksonville radio market is to extern in a Jacksonville radio station. We’re the one school that gets your foot in the door, from day one.

Don’t make the mistake of wasting 10-50 thousand dollars to attend a radio broadcasting course in a trade school or college classroom. We can teach you more effectively by placing you in the heart of the action–in a real radio station–and we do it for a fraction of the cost! The choice is clear: get on the inside track by learning the ropes of radio broadcasting on-the-job. Do your homework and see: our radio school alternative is the smartest and most cost-effective radio training program on the market today.

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Located in the northeast corner of Florida along the Atlantic coast, the city of Jacksonville is home to over 800,000 people, anchoring a metropolitan area of over 1.3 million. Economically, Jacksonville is heavy on transportation and distribution, hosting the second largest deep-water port along the eastern seaboard. Jacksonville is also a surprising hub for the entertainment industries, both as a popular backdrop for location filming and for its local music scene, which has spawned such talents over the years as Pat Boone, Lynyrd Skynrd, Limp Bizkit and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Jacksonville serves as a popular tourist spot for its outdoor activities, and boasts the largest urban park system in the U.S.

Currently ranked by Arbitron as the #50 radio market in the U.S., Jacksonville is home to dozens of prominent radio stations competing for market share in a variety of formats. Whether your plan is to become a talk show host, sportscaster, radio DJ or programming director, this area holds plenty of real-world opportunities to grow, learn and connect. Why waste those opportunities by sitting in an isolated classroom? The RECORDING CONNECTION trains you by putting you right where the action is happening.

Our industry advantage comes from our mentor-extern approach, in which we completely bypass the campus classroom by training you on-the-job. We pair you with an established radio professional who teaches you one-on-one in a real radio station, giving you the chance to gain experience and connections that you could never get in a classroom. No other radio school on the planet gets you this close to the industry. Enroll in our Jacksonville radio school today, and find out why over 70 percent of our graduates get hired.

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Tuition Costs Compared

1 $12,250 - Radio Connection
2 $18,000 - JUNIOR COLLEGE
3 $15,000-$25,000 - TRADE SCHOOL
4 $1,500-$75,000 - ONLINE SCHOOL
5 $50,000-$250,000 - TRADITIONAL SCHOOL

Make no mistake, student debt kills dreams. Our low tuition costs were designed to keep you out of debt.


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