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Washington DC, District of Columbia

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Washington DCThe best way to break into radio in Washington, DC is to extern inside a Washington radio station. We can get your foot in the door where other schools cannot.

What is the point of spending 10-50 thousand dollars or more to learn radio broadcasting in a college or trade school classroom, where you can gain neither valuable work experience nor job-producing industry connections? We can train you in a real radio broadcasting studio for a fraction of that amount. The choice is clear: get on the inside track, and gain the experience and connections you need by getting your education in the heart of the action. Compare us and see: our radio school alternative is by far the smartest, most cost-efficient training program on the market today.

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Formally known as the Disctrict of Columbia, Washington, DC is the national capital of the United States, housing the seat of all three branches of our federal government, as well as plenty of historical landmarks, memorials, and museums that draw millions of tourists per year. Washington, DC also serves as the hub of a large surrounding metropolitan area spilling over into Virginia and Maryland, with a combined population of over 5.7 million people. As such, the Washington, DC metropolitan area is the 7th largest radio market in the nation, according to Arbitron.

Dozens of high-powered radio stations blanket the region with a variety of formats, including Adult Contemporary, Top-40, Urban Contemporary, Religious and more. Due to the constant newsworthy activity coming out of the government, News/Talk is understandably a big format here. News bureaus from across the nation and the world keep offices in Washington, making it an ideal learning location for those who are interested in the journalistic aspects of radio broadcasting.

Radio professionals will tell you that the best way to break into a radio market like this one is to get directly involved in it, and learn the ropes from those who do it for a living. Washington, DC abounds with real-world opportunities to learn radio broadcasting; why waste those opportunities by studying in a classroom or campus studio simulation? Our innovative mentor-extern approach puts you directly in the heart of the action, and provides for you to be trained as an extern one-on-one with an established radio professional.

You could learn radio in a classroom somewhere else and have to scramble around after graduation trying to make connections; or you could learn on-the-job with the RADIO CONNECTION and make those connections while you’re learning. The choice is yours! Enroll in our Washington, DC radio school today, and discover why over 70 percent of our graduates get hired.

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Progress Reports

Checking in on our Washington D.C. Radio Students who are learning broadcasting where they live

Micheal Fordham

I’ve been on air quite a bit, I was put on the air an hour after I met my mentor for a short interview. It was cool. It’s crazy how fast things happen in this business. No time for real school. This program puts you in the door. The rest is up to you.

Tuition Costs Compared

1 $12,250 - Radio Connection
2 $18,000 - JUNIOR COLLEGE
3 $15,000-$25,000 - TRADE SCHOOL
4 $1,500-$75,000 - ONLINE SCHOOL
5 $50,000-$250,000 - TRADITIONAL SCHOOL

Make no mistake, student debt kills dreams. Our low tuition costs were designed to keep you out of debt.


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