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Radio Connection Works

It’s your “in,” your “foot in the door” to the media biz. Recording, Radio, Film Connection does what its name implies: “connects” you to someone in the business. Read More


How Do You Get Your Dream Job?

Radio Connection’s Radio Broadcast program allows you to go to school and get a job as a DJ, Voice-over announcer, program direction, promotions manager, radio engineer and other related positions. Read More


Study with a Working Professional!

The best teachers — and best learning environments — are found in the real world. That’s also where you make crucial job connections. Read More


Why College Might Not Be The Answer

With rising costs, crowded job markets, evolving technologies and a changing economy, College might not be the answer it once was for career success. This article could change the way you view education.Read More


Apple chief to grads: Glad I dropped out

Jobs tells Stanford graduates that his move forced him to be innovative Read More


CLOSE-UP: Radio Connection

In the days before colleges, vocational schools and student loans, the only way to get started in a career was as an apprentice (extern) in the field of your choice. Read More

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