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Radio ManDJ’s or Disc Jockeys are usually the host of their own shows. They play the hit songs, make announcements, interview celebrity movie stars or rock stars, host talk shows about music, politics or current events, or create and host specialty shows about cars, food, finances, medicine and health, comedy, and other hobbies. Do you want to one day host your own radio show? Well with technology being where it is today people from all walks of life are doing just that. But to do it effectively you need to learn how it works, in less than 6 months and for under $7,000 Radio Connection can show you how. But if being a DJ doesn’t interest you check out these other exciting careers available to you through the Radio Connection program:

Other behind the microphone, on-air radio careers include being a sportscaster, commercial announcer or voiceover artist, weather reporter, documentary narrator and radio talk show moderator.


Radio abounds with other career choices as well: copywriting, program director, music director, production director, news director, show producer, promotions director, board operator, call screener are just some of the many career paths the radio broadcasting industry offers. One of the best things about Radio Connection Radio Broadcast School Alternative is that it puts you inside an actual radio station in your home town, so that you are exposed to all the inner workings of a real on-air radio station and can experience and understand each of the career possibilities in person.


MicMy parents wanted me to go to regular college even though I knew regular college doesn’t work for radio. But they insisted I get a regular degree as well. So I made them a deal, if I went to regular college I could also do the Radio Connection program on the side at the same time. After debating this for months, my parents finally gave in and I went to my radio externship through Radio Connection while I went to regular college. I went into the radio station twice a week for four months and at the end of my program I was offered a job in radio at the same station I trained at. I learned more in 4 months than I did in the first year of regular college. Regular college is great for degrees in business or law, but for radio it just doesn’t make sense. Radio Connection does.
Radio Connection Student
Portland, OR

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