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To our Friend Mr. Larry King:

Thank you for supporting us, Larry, and having us on your show. Your legend lives on. —from your friends at RRFC.

November 19, 1933 - January 23, 2021

Podcast or Broadcast your Life!

Turn your passion for Podcasting and Broadcasting into your career.

With Radio Connection you train with an experienced radio producer, talk show host, or podcaster as their student extern. Whether you want to become a DJ, show host, sports announcer, social media influencer, radio producer, with us, you can get started now and graduate in just 20 weeks!

Learn remotely, in Person, or both!

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Hans Zimmer has met with Founder of the Radio Connection and gives his thumbs up to the program

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Radio Connection is

Broadcasting Education Upgraded for the 21st Century

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One on One Instruction

How the Radio Connection Works:
We Train You as an Extern Inside a Real Radio Station or Media Company

Once you’re accepted into the program, you’ll extern inside a real radio station, TV station, or other media outlet in the city or town where you live (or another locale, if you so choose). You receive private, one-on-one instruction from a highly experienced broadcast professional i.e. someone who actually makes a living working in broadcasting, media, or as an influencer.

In tandem with the hands-on instruction you receive from the professional who mentors you, you will be expected to work hard and follow our structured course curriculum and complete the assigned homework, assignments, and projects in a timely manner. With us, you don’t have to spend one day in a classroom. The radio station or media company is your “classroom,” and a real radio professional is your teacher/mentor. And, if accepted, you get to be the only student in class! Click here to learn more.

Does A Career In Radio Sound Too Good To Be True?  
It isn’t. You are too good not to be true to your dreams. Get Started Now

Tune in to Your Dreams

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Radio Connection Curriculum

What's Your Passion?

Have you ever dreamed of having your own show on the radio, YouTube or on TV?

Whether your a sports fan, celebrity gossip expert, cooking junkie, music obsessed, into cars, politics, or fashion the world wants to hear from you. The Radio Connection Broadcasting School is the only school that can harness your energy and passion and turn it into a career, a career that makes you big money. Learn more

Learn one-on-one from a professional mentor with Radio Connection


Larry King recently told the world on camera the following: "To break into radio or broadcasting you need to be inside the door of a real radio station or media company." We couldn't agree more. At the Radio Connection, all of our students learn inside the door of a real radio station or media company from a professional. Students are mentored one on one and learn the business and creative of broadcasting from the pros. Learn more

Connections are the key to having a career as a broadcaster


Connections are the key to having a career as a broadcaster, program director, producer or more. Connections are what make the world go round. Connections are what get you hired or what gets you your own show. Learn More

Radio Connection is located throughout the United States


We are located in cities throughout the United States. We can place you as an extern in a radio station or media company that suits your career goals. Learn More

Learn how to host your own show with Radio Connection


Would you like to make money as a YouTube host? Or is TV your ultimate goal? Would you like to build a career as a radio sensation like Stern, Seacrest, or Limbaugh? Learn More

Radio Connection +

Learn remotely, in Person, or both!

Want to learn at a one of the Nation’s Premier Radio Stations?  
Radio Connection Partners with Gow Media: The Home of SportsMap Radio Network & 500+ Network Affiliates!

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Our exciting partnership with Gow Media makes it possible for us to get students training one-on-one with the very same professionals heard on the radio. Get unparalleled exposure to sports media and all aspects of technical production work and build the awareness, understanding, connections as well as the confidence it takes to build a thriving career in media. Say goodbye to stuffy classrooms and dusty textbooks. Our eBook curriculum is geared towards today’s practices.

Through training directly with a professional, the learning you get is acquired through doing, through having conversations, and through observing how living, breathing content that grabs listeners gets made, day in, day out. Gow has numerous radio stations and more than 500 station affiliates on the FM dial and online including: ESPN 97.5 FM, ESPN 92.5, CultureMap, SportsMap, InnovationMap, AutomotiveMap and more.

In approximately 20 weeks Radio Connection students will have the opportunity to learn about the many facets of radio broadcasting and being a powerhouse creator in today’s fast-paced industry. Our approach enables hardworking, driven individuals to learn and sharpen their skills inside of an actual radio station, podcasting studio, or even from their own homes, depending on what works best for their needs and goals.

We Have Many Success Stories

Every week we ask our students to review how they are progressing with our program.

We've got questions, and they've got answers!

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