Learn to host your own Internet show on YouTube!

Have you ever wanted to host your own radio or television show? The Radio Connection shows you how, with our new YouTube hosting training program!


Internet streaming is the future of broadcasting. While radio and television won’t go away anytime soon, YouTube hosting has opened up a whole new avenue to the broadcasting industry, and a whole new realm of opportunity for you, the broadcasting student!

The best part about it? You no longer have to wait for someone in power to notice your talent and hire you: you can host your own show on YouTube RIGHT NOW, without asking anyone’s permission—AND if you’re good at it, your Internet show can make you an international star! The Radio Connection can show you how to do it, with our YouTube hosting curriculum. We’ll pair you with a broadcast professional who has experience with Internet programming, and who can show you the ropes of hosting your own show. We’ll also teach you the tricks and techniques of social networking, marketing and promotion, to help position your show to go viral on the web.


In the past few years, YouTube has become the new place for getting “discovered.” More celebrities are born on YouTube nowadays than anywhere else—from musical acts like PSY and 5 Seconds of Summer to the actors on “webisode”-based shows like “Burning Love.” It’s also the perfect place to build your own worldwide audience with your own talk show like “SourceFed” or “Geek and Sundry.” Use your YouTube show to generate interest to get on TV or the radio, or continue to be your own boss by building your audience online! (Many people now make a decent living from YouTube views alone.) Set up your show to be live-streaming where people can come online and chat, or create pre-recorded episodes that people can watch again and again. The possiblities are nearly endless!


Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll learn from our YouTube hosting program:

  • The art of looking and sounding like a host
  • Choosing attention-grabbing topics for your show
  • What to look for in a guest
  • How to conduct dynamite interviews
  • Selecting the right lighting and gear for audio/video
  • Software you can use to enhance your program and build your audience (example: Webinar Jim, which generates mailing lists from Google Hangout)
  • Promotion techniques to spread the word about your show
  • Building a loyal audience
  • …and much more!


Ready to take tangible steps right now toward hosting your own successful Internet show? APPLY NOW, and let us pair you with a broadcasting professional who can help you turn your dreams into reality.


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