The Mentorship Advantage

One of the most important components of the Radio Connection is the fact that we pair each of our students with a mentor—a successful, experienced broadcasting pro who teaches the student one-on-one in his/her place of business. We base our entire structure on the mentor-extern approach because it gives our students the advantage they need in order to compete in this industry.


Externship is a tradition that is centuries old. Back in the days before schools even existed, if you wanted to learn a skill or trade, the way to do it was to find a master of that trade and agree to become their extern in the work place. This method of one-on-one instruction, master to extern, has stood the test of time, and even continues today in many professions. It has also proven to be very effective in the communications industries, which is why we’ve chosen to structure our radio broadcasting school this way!


The fact is, you can’t replicate the experience of working in the real world by studying in a classroom. You can’t learn to solve problems “on the fly” when the environment is controlled—you have to get your hands dirty, so to speak. You have to learn what it’s like to work in a real radio or television station, where things can and do go wrong. And believe it or not, NO DEGREE or DIPLOMA is going to mean anything to the people who do the hiring in this industry.

Another reason to consider on-the-job radio broadcasting training is that in this business, CONNECTIONS ARE KEY. Who you know is just as important as what you know, and most of the hiring is done from within, because the decision-makers only trust the people who have been recommended on the “inside.” You can only make those connections by training on-the-job.

The point is, classroom instruction alone can’t give you the experience or the connections you need in order to break into the business and land a job. Ask almost anyone who works in this industry, and they’ll tell you the best way to learn radio, television or Internet broadcasting is to have a MENTOR—someone who is already experienced in doing what you want to do, someone who is already well-connected. With the Radio Connection, your mentor will not only show you the ropes so you can become a radio DJ, on-air host, newscaster, sportscaster or program director; he/she will also be able to make introductions for you, to recommend you for work, and possibly even hire you!


With the Radio Connection, you get to skip the hardest part of breaking into the broadcasting business: getting your foot in the door. With our program, we get you in the door from DAY ONE, and we pair you with a mentor who becomes your instructor, your guide, and (if you prove yourself through hard work and commitment) your friend on the inside who can open even more doors for you!

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