There’s an old saying you probably have heard: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” What we’re talking about is connections–industry connections to be precise. In the broadcast industries, jobs are not filled like they are in other businesses.

When there’s an opening, it needs to be filled immediately. Think about it, if the afternoon DJ suddenly decides to quit, the radio station must find an immediate replacement or be off-the-air during that shift. They don’t have time to post a job opening, go through an interview process and make a decision on the ideal candidate. No, they have a few hours to get someone hired and on the air. Therefore, they are going to reach out to someone they know—either to hire that person directly, or to get contact information on somebody that person knows about. That’s where connections come in. You want to be that person that gets recommended and that’s not going to happen unless you are connected.

There’s a reason we’re called the Radio Connection—because a fundamental part of our curriculum is devoted to making sure you get connected with your mentor, other DJs, station managers and the like. That way, not only do you receive a quality, real-world education, but you’ll be in a prime position to be called by a station or a facility that is looking for recommendations to fill a job opening.

The Radio Connection effectively solves the “Who do you know?” conundrum. That’s only half the battle, however. The Who You Know will get you in the door, but if you don’t know your stuff (the “What You Know” part), you won’t last long in your new job. Fortunately, the Radio Connection excels at the What You Know stuff, too. Instead of learning your craft from someone who may or may not have had real world experience at some point in his/her life, with the Radio Connection, you will be learning your craft from working broadcasting professionals.

This means what you learn (whether it is on air DJ, news reporter, sports announcer, voice over talent) will be current—the way things are being done today, not the way they were done five or ten years ago. It also means the connections you’ll be making are current too. This is because you are learning from a mentor who is currently working in the profession you aspire to.

And our support doesn’t end here. Upon graduation our students become part of our Stay Connected program which is designed to build their industry connections, notify them of any job openings we are aware of and keep them connected with our mentors and industry contacts.

The Radio Connection. We get you connected and we keep you connected.

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