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Radio Broadcasting Glossary – R

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RAB – Radio Advertising Bureau.

Radio – Telecommunication by modulation and radiation of electromagnetic waves.

Ramp – The instrumental beginning of a song leading up to the vocals, also known as the intro.

Ratings – An estimate of the size of an audience shown as a percent of a total group of people surveyed.

R&B – Rhythm and Blues radio format.

RDS – An abbreviation for Radio Data system, this technology allows stations to transmit additional types of information via encoded digital signals that can be received and displayed by the user’s radio. An RDS-capable radio can display the title and artist or current song playing, local traffic information, an advertiser’s phone number while a commercial is playing.

Regional Network – A network of stations that covers only a certain region or area such as North, West, South or East areas.

Religious (R) Radio – A spiritual or religious radio format.

Reel-to-reel analog machines – Reel-to-reel, open reel tape recording is a form of magnetic tape audio recording in which the recording medium is held on a reel.

Remote – This refers to a broadcast that originates live on location, outside the station’s studio where the broadcast would normally originate.

R.P.M. – Revolutions per minute, used in recording.

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