Radio Broadcasting Glossary – M

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Major market – A large city radio or TV station. The top 20 cities in the U.S. (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc.)

Man on the street – A type of interview.

MBS – The Mutual Broadcast System.

Media – Any type of advertising service – radio, TV, newspaper, etc.

Medium market – A city in the country which is medium in size, maybe up to 500,000 people.

MIKE – Abbreviation for the microphone.

Microphone – The device that converts the sound waves into electrical energy.

Miscue – A situation when the audio element begins too soon so the end result is two audio sources playing at the same time.

Mixing – Used in sound recording, audio editing, and sound systems, mixing balances the relative volume, frequency, and dynamical content of a number of sound sources for the different musical instruments in a band or vocalists, the sections of an orchestra, announcers and journalists, crowd noises, etc.

Moderator – The leader in a discussion of any group which is broadcast.

Monitor – To listen or view a program, with radio or TV. Also a speaker, as in a speaker used to monitor what goes is being broadcast or what is being cued up for subsequent play.

(MOR) Middle of the Road – A radio format that appeals to the 35-60 year old age group.

Multicasting/multiplexing – The practice by which TV stations split a single digital signal into six or more different regular channels. TV stations generate increased revenue by using some channels for all of video transmission, voice mail, paging, data transmission and Internet service.

Music Director – The person at a radio station responsible for interacting with record company representatives, auditioning new music, and making decisions in conjunction with the program director, about which songs get airplay, how much and when. The music director devises rotations for songs and programs the daily music through specialized software.

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