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Radio Broadcasting Glossary – L

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Level – The volume level that controls the broadcast.

Liner – A written phrase that stand by themselves and are meant to communicate concise imaging. Typically, a DJ says a “liner” over an intro of a record or during a commercial break between songs and spots.

Live assist – This describes how a DJ creates a radio show by interacting with a computerized system. The DJ provides live talk, chat, liners, and then activates the computer system which automatically runs commercial spots, jingles, promos or songs. When it is time for the DJ to talk again, he/she deactivates the automation and goes live again.

Log – The written record of what transpires at the radio station, including: music, commercial content and transmitting specifications. A music log is a list of the songs played for the day, a commercial log shows which commercials were played and when and an engineering log show the status of a transmitter’s specifications during the course of a day.

Lotteries – FC regulation generally prohibit the broadcast of information on lotteries, and makes the broadcast of such a crime; one exception is state conducted lotteries. A contest that requires a purchase to play, or where a winner is chosen by random selection (a chance drawing) is usually a lottery.

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