Radio Broadcasting Glossary – B

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Backsell – A term for a technique used by DJs where the deejay announces the title or the artist of the song he just played.

Backtiming – Calculating the intro time on a song before its vocal begins and starting the audio source or CD along with that song so when the preceding audio ends, the vocal on the song that has been back timed begins right at the end of the previous audio.

Band – Broadcasting range, or wave lengths of sound.

Bed – Refers to a production element, such as instrumental music and/or a continuous sound effect such as the ocean or wind, used as a background element for a promotional announcement.

Billboard – The opening of a radio or TV show; a brief announcement identifying a sponsor at the beginning or the end of another programming element such as the news or traffic.

BMI – Broadcast Music Incorporated, owned by a variety of stations and networks.

Board – The console that is used for controlling the audio mix and output during a live broadcast or studio recorded sources.

Board Op – the person physically operating a console in the radio studio who makes sure that a live program runs smoothly or that a recorded program airs properly.

Bonus Station – A network or local radio or TV station that airs a program with commercials free of charge.

Book – Slang for an Arbitron rating period such as fall, winter, spring or summer.

Bring it up – Increase the level of volume control.

Broadcast – A presentation of a recorded or live program on the radio or TV, commercial or otherwise.

Broadcasting – The transmission of electromagnetic signals through the airwaves over a wide area, as in television or radio is known as broadcasting. These signals may also be transmitted point-to-point, as in microwave transmission, and are referred to as narrowcasting. A broadcast may also be synonymous with a TV or radio program. Broadcasting is also referred to as the radio and television broadcast industry. Typically, broadcasters work in the industry. To broadcast is to participate in a radio or television (TV) program.

Broadcast journalism – Encompassing radio, television and online forms of media, broadcast journalism is a discipline of writing news-oriented journalism. Broadcast journalism refers to television news and radio news, as well as online news outlets.

Bumper – An audio segment that is prerecorded, typically consisting of voice over music, that acts as a transition to or from a stop set of commercials or other content.

Bumper music – Music clips that are used to transition between one programming element into another such as when a local affiliate station inserts local commercials, it often plays music during the transition to avoid dead air or empty pauses.

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