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Learn from your mentor how to broadcast live.

My mentor and I are getting along well. I was also on the air for the first time this morning, talking about the Cal vs. Washington Basketball game I went to last night! I think it went very well!

Get a job, and job assistance, with your mentor.

absolutely love my mentor! He is a blast, and I think he likes me a lot too. My mentor is now going to be helping me get me a job with his station after I’m graduate the Radio Connection, so I’m doing pretty well. Not only this, but my mentor is also going to help me put together a resume with a recording of myself, so when I find a job, I’ll have it to help me get any job I want.

Have your mentor put you live on the Radio and host your own radio shows.

My mentor, who I am externing for, asked me to contribute to the women’s day program. I have to do a live show on spoken word and poetry and I will be live interviewing some young ladies. The will be my first experience live on the radio and I will be heard via the internet on a yet another radio station! This will be my first live show BY MYSELF and I am so excited. This will help me stand out when I graduated with the Radio Connection and start my job search with the help of the Job Placement Assistance Program offered by the Radio Connection. I didn’t think I would be on-air, let alone and by myself as producer and organizer. So, this is something that means a lot to me, and in the future I will be known and well paid for my work. Thank you Radio Connection for placing me with my mentor!

Learn Broadcasting Hands On at a Real Radio Station

In this lesson I learned the differences between a P.S.A, Paid Programming,and Infomercial which was the question I had and mr. Gonzalez answered it for me. I composed a PSA of my own and created it as if it was a segment on the radio and had background music. I also learned the things that I have to work on verbally which are the following: S,Ch,and Sh. I was told to studying certain speakers and to understand and imitate the clarity of their speech. I had a great time at the radio station and are scheduled for next week tuesday at 7:30pm.

I also learned about weather broadcasting and their different styles of delivery. I learned the abbreviations and how to read and understand weather jargon. A few vocal tips were given also and have been and are being put into practice. Everything is working out just fine and anxious to start the next lesson.

We covered the basics of conducting an interview along with the do’s and don’ts. I’ve constructed a five minute interview on sports and it came out pretty good. The only problem I had that I did correct was the constant use of “um”, but I took care of that with the editing and also made a note to self so now I’m more aware and on the look out. I’ve started on lesson 14 my own DJ show and I’m loving so far and Mr. Gonzalez told me to double up on the lessons so I’m doing lesson 14 and 15 as we speak and I will keep you to date with that.


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