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Former Waitress and Radio Connection Graduate Goes to Work on Major Syndicated Radio Show!

Lisa PoseyWhen Radio program graduate Lisa Posey was searching one day on the Internet, she was desparate for a way into the business. Luckily, she ran across the Radio Connection Web site.

“Although I was, at that time, attending school and majoring in broadcasting, it wasn’t working,” she recalls. It just didn’t seem like she would ever actually get to work in the industry she so badly wanted to enter. And her job as a server at Applebee’s restaurant wasn’t fulfilling her.

Radio Connection looked to be too good true, but she filled out an application, and was quickly meeting with Valerie Vining at Citadel Broadcasting in Birmingham, Alabama.
“Valerie was awesome!” Lisa cries. “I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor.” On her part, Vining was just as excited about Lisa — her first student.

“From the minute I met her I knew she was serious, and had the personality for the industry,” Valerie recalls. “She was an absolute joy to work with; energetic and full of enthusiasm.”

Even before she was finished with the program, Lisa was offered a part-time job at Y94.5 (WYSF) on the Rick and Bubba Show: a major program syndicated to 25 stations across the southeast.
How did it happen? “I was in the station one day watching Valerie, and the Production Director said: ‘You want a job?’ ” recounts Lisa. “You just never realize how many opportunities are out there, until you’re in the right place at the right time.”

And that’s just the beginning. “There’s a good chance that they — or any one of our 5 stations — will pick Lisa up for a full-time position,” Valerie explains.

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