Stephanie – Classrooms Dont Deliver

Sitting in a classroom, if you want to actually be in broadcasting I don’t think sitting in a classroom is really fun because being in broadcasting, they can’t write something on a board that you are going to learn. Me working with Chuck actually it was exciting because he does the job already. So I know everything that comes out of his mouth is out of experience and he went through it already. So what better person to look up to than to somebody who is already doing it. So after I left the program I decided that I wanted to keep in touch with Czar and Chuck because they just taught me so much and it was I think everybody should do it because its such a hands on with somebody already in the program, you feel a little bit more professional as opposed to just sitting in a school with somebody that’s never done in their life. Career Connections gave me 3 choices and when they actually told me that it was going to be Chuck Dogg from Power 105.1, I was surprised because first going into Career Connection I thought they were going to put me in any little radio station, no name radio station but when he told me it was Power 105 I was kind if like in shock and it was intimidating at first but I took the opportunity and it was a lot of fun and Chuck is such a down to earth person that you would think that he was really going to really be like well I am the one that talks on the radio but he wasn’t like that. He is a great guy.

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