Sam Greenfield – The Type Of Student We Accept

One of the things I love about Radio Connection is if you sign on with us and you give us your hard earned money we work for you. We really work for you. I have kept contact with students long after their class has finished. They would call me up for advice, they would email me. I don’t ignore them. That’s a very big factor for people who are out there looking for work. I have had people call me up and ask me, “I am going to an interview, what should I wear? Should I cut my hair?” Things you don’t think about that people want to know. Try that at a college after you have finished the class. Try calling the professor and saying I have a question. Oh do you? No, that’s a very important thing. That’s a very important factor here and in preparing the student. I will not take a student, I have had this happen and you know this. I have called you and I have said this isn’t happening. This guy doesn’t know what he wants to do. He is unsure, he is going to be tough to teach, and I am not frankly looking for tough to teach. I am looking for eager to learn. I am looking for someone who is psyched to do this and then we have a great relationship.

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