Rob – Beating The Catch 22

There is a real catch 22 in the job market today. If you read any ad in the news paper you will find 2 things all the time. The first thing is that companies want experience and the second thing is that they are not willing to train. Well how do you get in to the career you want if you can’t get in because you don’t have enough schooling or you have had no time on the job? That’s a catch 22 and Career Connections eliminates the catch 22 completely. They give you an edge; they give you an advantage that you wouldn’t find from traditional school. I am not knocking traditional school I am saying that there are some people later on in life who have families and a job, they can afford to take the time off to go to traditional school, 4 years of college and they can afford 4 years of college. When you get this comprehensive program from Career Connection you get some real special things. First of all you win in the interview process. You know in the interview process they want to know how much of the big picture you know about this career. And more importantly if you can master at least some of the language in the career that you are going after you can win that interview and Career Connection gives you that advantage that other people will never have. They probably will never get past that point but you will with Career Connection.

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