Eric – I Got Hired My First Week

Couple of days later, this is the first week I was working there, couple of days later he asked me if I would like to have a weekend job on the board not on the air just ringing the board. Paying someone else’s voice tracks. And what was I supposed to say, no. I mean I was, that’s basically my dream. You know I wasn’t talking on the air but I was playing music making people happy. And so I accepted the job and I started the next week. This is one week after I started the Career Connection. I was on the air, I was working the board. So I started doing that and I got many compliments from people who were working there. They were just amazed how fast I was learning to do the stuff and where I learned it and I would say well going through this program called the Career Connection. And they were just amazed at how fast I was learning certain things.

So time went on, I kept working the board and I kept wanting to do more. I wanted to talk on the air and I kept practicing. I drive down the road, Jimi tells us we need to train our voice, we needed to rebuild words. So I would ride on the road and just read every billboard that there was. All right talk whenever there was something start on the radio, I would just talk over it and make it sound like I was the disc jockey. I did everything to make my voice sound as good as possible. And so one day the program director said to me why don’t you give me an air check date and I will hear how you sound and may be I will let you on the air. Okay so I gave him a tape. I spend some time on it to make sure it sounded good, gave him the tape.

Well, I started in January of this year and right now its May and I have been working since May 1st, on May 1st I went on for the first time on the air live. I am actually talking on the air and have been working over nights from 2 to 5:30 in the morning. I have actually been working on the air saying this is Eric Taylor I am 97 and it’s the coolest thing. I mean this is something I have been dreaming of and the best thing is kind of like a na, na, na, na. It sounds like French so I couldn’t do it. I mean that was and I know it’s a bad attitude to have but I actually did it. I am actually doing something that I set forth to do my whole life. I said I am going to do this and I did it and not every people can say that. There is hardly any that can probably say that in his life. It is the greatest feeling to actually fulfill your dreams and the Career Connection was the one that made this possible.

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