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Stephanie – What Its Like

My name is Stephanie Swaazo. I am a Career Connection student, actually I’m a graduate. I graduated about last May. I was with Chuck Dogg for about 4 months. We did a whole summer program. I traveled everywhere with him. It was actually fun. I found about Career Connections, I was searching online actually, I was hungry to start my education and I didn’t know how. So I typed in broadcasting in Google and I stumbled across Career Connections. So I gave you guys a call and you explained to me, I think it was you that explained to me the program a little bit more. So I had some money saved up. So I decided to take the program and when I started it wasn’t easy but Chuck definitely taught me a lot and after that I had a lot of fun doing it. I did a prom takeover with Chuck. We went to actually about like 5 different schools. We met a lot of little kids high school graduates, that were about to graduate for the prom. It was fun actually because since there was Power 105.1 there were very, very excited to be a part of it like on the radio and stuff like that. So that was fun. A little kid I remember was asking me for my autograph. So that was fun. I learnt a lot with them and Chuck actually let me be on the mike a lot. So that helped me open up a little bit more because when I first started the program I wasn’t as outgoing but then I realized that to be in this program you have to be really outgoing.

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