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Stephanie – Demo Tapes And Pro Tools

Another thing I liked about Career Connections when I first started there was actually the big book that we have. I would read but I would stutter and Chuck just always used to tell me to take my time to pronounce things a little better. So by the time the program came and I had to do my demo tape I knocked it out pretty good. I think it was like in 15, 20 minutes. So I was really happy about that. Oh yeah he told me how to do a lot of Pro Tools, how to edit. We did a lot of air checks, a lot of practice air checks in his studio and he taught me how to edit a lot of the Pro Tools that when you play something and you don’t want it to be there any more, how do you erase it and go back. It was something that I had never knew how to do. But with Chuck he taught me like and he taught me really quick. He taught me like in a matter of 20 minutes and I learned it. He left me there for an hour he said do what you have to do and practice and I learned it.

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