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Sam Greenfield – Why One On One Is Better

The advantage of doing one on one as opposed to a classroom is, if I am facing someone directly and there is no one else around, they feel less inhibited about asking me questions. They feel less inhibited about saying what about if I go to do this or how about if I pronounce it this way. If you are in a class, with 15 other people the teacher may be wonderful, but you feel a little bit more intimidated and inhibited about raising your hand, you think am I taking up too much time? Your time is my time. My time is your time. You know I am running rather on your meter. So and you are my boss in that sense when you are my student ironically. But any questions you need to ask they are asked immediately, you don’t have to wait, you don’t have to hedge. You can call me, you can email me, want all my students have done.

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