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Sam Greenfield – What You Will Learn

Some of the things that the students learn are simple things like and this might sound funny, how to breathe. You would be mazed at how many people don’t know how to breathe and I will show you what I mean. When you breathe your stomach should go out because air is filling your diaphragm. You know many people breathe like and everything goes in. So when they get to the end they are like this and they don’t realize it. Little things like that, how to pronounce, how to read copy before you go on air. People don’t do that. They don’t read the copy and what happens there is a word over here and they get messed up and they have to start over. We cover all these things. We cover the different avenues and aspects of on air broadcasting, of technical broadcasting if that’s what you want. I just think it’s a more complete package. I always have and if I didn’t, I want to say if I didn’t I would never do this and I also want to say I have turned down students. I have turned down students because I felt this isn’t what they want, they don’t know what they want and teaching some one in that category is tough.

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