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Mayan – How I Got Hired from This Program

I am Mayan Levinson. I am a graduate of the Radio Connection. I worked with Sam Greenfield here in New York and I am currently working at two stations, actually a couple of stations. I am doing a weekend gig at a radio station out in Amagansett, New York, WEHM and I am also traffic reporter here in the Metro New York area for Bloomberg 1130 as well as Cereous Satellite Radio and its been a great experience. Sam and I worked together regularly coming into the studio here at WWRL. We would sit together; he would critique some of the stuff that I was working on news reporting, traffic announcing and just different styles and give me a good critique of how to pronounce certain words or just a general demeanor about approaching the subject and then Sam has been instrumental in introducing me to a woman he worked with at Metro Shadow traffic and she was able to get me into the door. I passed along my demo to the woman who develops the talent relationships and the talent development and through that connection I was able to do many months of trading back and forth. Finally get this gig that’s just recently started, working for Bloomberg Radio.

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