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Marie – This Program Got Me Hired

The training started in November six and a half years ago and within a month and a half I was asked to do morning traffic reports. I was scared to do it but I said of course. Might as well as jump in. and that’s when I did traffic reports for nearly a year. And during that time I did a few commercials and then I moved into the news department. They asked me if I liked to anchor the afternoon news and I said okay and all this building up to wanting to be a DJ but you know what I found my niche was in commercial work. I got out of the news department except for doing some reading of news. Through the school courses and through being able to work actually in the job market in the radio station I found out that commercial is where really voice over works. So I really wanted to be and my desire for being a DJ or in the limelight is gone but you know I love it. I really love it and being there for six and a half years I have seen so many people come in with their audio cassette tapes and their resumes and they all say that they have had schooling in broadcasting at a college or at one of these broadcasting schools but our program director says do you have any radio experience? And they say no and it’s well, we will keep you in mind and never to be heard from again. My foot was in the door with Roy, the general manager, because Radio Connections got me in to receive schooling from him and they said my mentor would be either a general manager or program director–somebody who has hiring capabilities and knows the market, knows what they need in talent.

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