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Maersk – You Need Real World Experience

What I like about Radio Connection was that again I wasn’t going to be spending time in another classroom with 40 people. I have been to college and I graduated from College and I learnt a lot in college but when I got into the real world it’s a whole different story. Because while you are in college you are not really thrown into real world situations. You are just learning stuff out of a book or in my case you are just learning how to produce things because you have a design major. So you are just learning how to produce things basically for yourself not for other people. So it helped me to learn the craft and the other skills but it didn’t teach me how to deal with people as far as creating stuff for them. But Radio Connection really just puts you in a hands-on situation where you will learn to deal with people, deal with the business side of radio and the technical side of radio at the same time and just doing that at the same time makes you learn even faster and it will propel your career even faster. It’s just learning stuff at the drop of a hat.

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