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Maersk – What Appealed To Me

I am Maersk Dora Dora. I am a Career Connection student under Chuck Dogg from Power 1051 NYC. I got into Career Connection because I was looking for a career that would utilize my talents correctly and radio and voice over seemed to be the thing to interest me most. So I looked it up on the internet and wanted to see if a broadcasting schools and whatever. Career Connections popped up and the thing that appealed to me about the program was that I wasn’t going to be inside just learning from a class of 40 people and not get any individual attention. Career Connection actually said that they would give a mentor you one on one. So I preferred that because I don’t like to waste time as far as when it comes to me bettering my self and utilizing my talents. In the classroom situation you have to raise your hand to be heard. I haven’t got to do that in Career Connections As my dudes right there. If I ask him a question he’s right there for me to ask answers me like quickly. So I get everything right then and there. That’s the best thing about Career Connections is the one on one attention that you get.

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