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Maersk – Hands On With Pro Tools

What I liked about Career Connections was that Chuck was a very open minded person when it comes to his doing it. He knows what he wants to teach and he doesn’t micro manage at all. He will teach you something and if you doing it wrong he will just tell you all right do it this way. And what he did with me right off the bat was he got me because when Career Connection start to give you the book to read, went through stuff with me and put me in here in the studio to get everything straight out. So that I wouldn’t just be looking answering questions and everything and not be doing anything hands on. He put me in the studio to do things hands on and one another thing that he did was he told me about the program Pro Tools which before I had met him I had heard about and it just looked very intimidating to use. So he just said if you really want to do this, if you really want to get started quickly and he said go out buy the Pro Tools and I will teach you from here and then you can work on yourself at home. So just by suggesting that and just like letting me come to his house everyday and use his Pro tools he told me to get out and get mine if you really want to do that. He put in my head that to be successful you just got to go out and get it.

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