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Lila – This Is My Dream

My name is Lila Walker and I am already a broadcaster. I grew up working on dairy farm which I worked on 12 years. I always dreamed of getting into radio but I never thought that I would have the opportunity to find the answers and the rise of the cost of college situation these days. I heard about Career Connection through an ad in the newspaper. I answered the ad even though I was very skeptical. Career Connection hooked me up with a radio station of my choice which was Hot Country 104. I trained there under the direction of the News Director Jeff Edwards using the curriculum that career connection sent me for 5 months. At the end of the training I was hired to work afternoons on 601 AM station while working weekend overnights on the 6000 watt FM station. I worked there for 9 months before I answered an ad in Radio and Records for a 6000 watt FM station working afternoons at WUCZ in Carthridge Tennessee. I applied for the position and got it.

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