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Kathleen – Heres What I Do

I am Kathleen Collins and you are listening to smooth jazz 99 FM. Hi I am Kathleen Collins and I am standing in front of KEZX radio station in Seattle Washington. This is where I come everyday to train to be a radio announcer. Lets go in and take a look okay. This is the hallway to the entrance of KEZX FM. It has some of the pictures of the musicians that have visited our station. Here we are in the sales area of KEZX Fm. This is where all the advertising is sold and without it a radio station literally couldn’t stay on the air. Sow lets go see what Dave’s doing in the production room. Hi we are in the production room now where Dave McKay the program director and my personal instructor is working on a project. My latest project, it’s a music project, we are in the process of putting music on to hard drive through the computer. Kathleen and I have spent a lot of time in the production room over the past few months working on some of the very basic things in broadcasting from recording on to reel to reel and then on to cart to recording on to now which is on to computer. And recording commercials onto computer and also we will be putting music on the computer too. So Kathleen has had great opportunity here to learn some of the very basic things up to some of the more sophisticated things in the broadcast business these days. She is a terrific student and I am absolutely delighted to have her in the radio station. Thanks Dave. You are welcome. And I am delighted to have him as my instructor. He has taught me everything.

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