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Howie – Right Place Right Time

I looked around and I said that I am not going to have job skills. When I come out I am not going to know anybody in the business and the internships work. When I come in here and I was studying under Al I got to meet the program directors and I got to meet the music directors and production people record people, everybody else involved in this business and I made friends and contacts that way. So that as I have done interning, I get a chance to ask these people for a job because I already know it. And the reason that I got the job here at the radio station and I am working at Rock 05, in fact I was working here already. I was interning 30 hours a week, busting my butt doing production and doing a lot of the ground work that nobody else wanted to do just to get me that shot on radio and when I finally got hired, it was very exciting that just like one of their other full timers go and I got the part time position. I had a lot of fun doing it. I would recommend the program to anybody that’s interested in getting into radio. In fact I would tell them not to go any place else, that they need to do something that’s involved as an internship. It’s the only way to learn the business.

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