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Howard – They Got Me Hired

In March of 1993 I decided to pursue a career in radio and the first place I came was to Philadelphia. In June of 1993 I started at a school WIOQ also known as Q102 and I didn’t know the first thing about radio. I couldn’t tell you the difference between a card machine or a real deck. But I knew I wanted to be in this business. So I came to Philadelphia and I started an internship here through Career Connection. During the course of time between June of 1993 and today I spent a year in Philadelphia. I graduated from Career Connection and I immediately landed not too far away in Southern New Jersey.

Since that time I have learned so much about radio that I couldn’t buy an education lie that. It’s been wonderful for me. It wasn’t for me to get to where I am today. It was a long road and it started a long time ago. In June of 1991 I was in Sophomore College in San Diego California. And I wasn’t a good student. I was just kind of passing time waiting to go to work for my father in the family insurance business. And my dad kind of unexpectedly passed away. Now at an internship program and I came here once a week and I went through a radio program. Unlike a typical trade school, they sent me through a complete program of books, manuals but more importantly it was on the job training and I got to work with the equipment in a real radio station as opposed to some studio and some strange building somewhere. And after 9, 10 months of it I really knew my way around a radio station and not just one facet of radio, I was able to learn every thing. I learnt about news and I learnt about go on air personalities and I learnt about production and commercial making. I learnt about traffic and I learnt about every facet of it, satellites and computers, the whole bit.

In this experience I got through Career Connection enabled me to get a job immediately. I made one tape and one resume on completion of my course and within 2 weeks I had my first job and that was a year ago, almost exactly a year ago now. And I have been having a blast ever since. I love waking up everyday. I can’t wait to see what the day holds and my job is just fantastic. It’s really neat and I have no idea how far it’s going to leave but I know it’s going to be fun the rest of the way.

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