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Frank – Why I Chose Radio Connection

Hi Frank Toohill. I am an attorney. I do a lot of juvenile law work in the state of Connecticut but I was also interested in getting into radio. So I looked around to see what was available. There is a school in this area that charges about $6000 for the course. You are at a studio but it’s not a real radio station. You are with professors who are teachers but they are not disc jockeys. And then I heard about the Radio Connection which is now known as Career Connection. It was in an ad in the back of a magazine that a friend showed me. So I called and talked with Jimmy Pettula who is the president of Career Connection. He told me about the wonderful program they have at Career Connection. What they do is you pay about one third the price of the established school in this area and they place you with a radio station. You work hands on in a real studio with a real jock as the stations on the air. It worked real great.

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