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Eric – Delivering Your Dreams

Here is a little thing I thought of. You should change it instead of Career Connections to Dream Connections because you are actually putting us in our dreams. You are kind of the fantasy island type of thing. You take what we want the most. You out there in front of us and we have a chance to learn at the station and I have a chance to actually work at a station. I am not sitting in the classroom. I don’t sit in a classroom for 6 hours a day learning which button to push or learning how to talk or learning anything like that. I am at a station learning hands on experience one on one with someone who know what they are talking about, not some teacher who was a DJ when he was 19 years old. Now this guy is 62 years old, just getting ready to retire. It’s so cool. It’s the neatest thing to actually be at the station.

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