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Chuck Dogg – What I Like About This

R&B hip hop back in the day joint. It’s your man, Chuck Dogg triple threat at 1-800-505-1051 and also on the text message at 41051, how was your weekend so far? Was it good? All right cool, I’m sure you heard about the spot, right. The spot is huge. It’s called a spot for a reason. Go to Power 1051 You know if you go to my spot what you will find is there is this new TV show that is ridiculous called Chuck TV. Got to give a big shout out to Career Connection. Much love at Career Connection doing big things in the community trying to help out people getting in the radio biz, film biz and all that. Stick with us and coming up we got some Swiss beats. Right now it’s Beyonce on Power 1051 Chuck Dogg triple threat checking it out, I will be back.

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