Too Good to be True?

“This sounds too good to be true!”

But it isn’t…

Believe it or not, we hear this a lot. And we understand. The market is so flooded with trade schools making bloated promises and charging crazy tuition rates that it is very easy to be skeptical—especially when a school like ours comes along offering an affordable, practical, no-nonsense radio training program where you extern inside a real radio station and get private instruction from a working professional.

It sounds impossible. It sounds too good to be true. BUT IT ISN’T—AND WE CAN PROVE IT. AND IT WON’T COST YOU A CENT TO FIND OUT.


At the Radio Connection Broadcasting School, our enrollment process is structured so you and your family can actually tour the facility where you will be studying before you ever make a commitment to enroll in the program. Once our Admissions Department talks with you and approves you for the process, we will actually send you to the radio broadcasting facility for an OPEN HOUSE ORIENTATION AND INTERVIEW with your prospective mentor. You and your family can tour the studio, ask any questions you want, and have them answered face-to-face by the person who will be mentoring you—ALL FOR NO COST TO YOU WHATSOEVER.

Let’s be clear: this happens for no charge. No enrollment fees, no hidden costs, no start-up money. None.


These are the steps you will take to enroll in the Radio Connection Broadcasting school. Please look them over carefully and share them with your parents or others who might help with your schooling costs:

STEP ONE: Fill out our online application [CLICK to APPLY].

STEP TWO: One of our skilled Admissions representatives will reach out to you by phone within two days after you apply. Feel free to call us directly at 310-456-9623 and ask to speak to someone in our Admissions department.

STEP THREE: Take some time to go over the Radio Connection program with your family, especially if they are helping you pay for school. Take note of the things that set us apart from other radio schools:

  1. We are the school that gets you in the door of an actual radio broadcasting facility (not a simulation or on-campus studio).
  2. We are the only school that provides private, one-on-one instruction with a seasoned radio professional on-the-job. (Imagine yourself seated next to a professional radio broadcaster in the studio, learning the ropes with no other students in the room.)
  3. Our tuition is among the lowest in the industry, with all books and supplies included–everything you need in order to graduate, plus Job Placement assistance.

Also, review these 4 pages with your family or significant others:

STEP FOUR: Apply for financial assistance (if needed) by calling our Financial Assistance Department at 310-456-9623 X226. Also, you will speak with our Admissions Department once again on the day before your Open House Interview so we can prepare you.

STEP FIVE: Attend your OPEN HOUSE INTERVIEW, either alone or with your family, following the guidelines we give you.

STEP SIX: If you and your family like what you have seen and experienced (and if your prospective mentor agrees to take you on as an extern), complete your enrollment.

STEP SEVEN: Begin your externship inside the radio station.


(and their answers)

1) Your enrollment steps say “if your prospective mentor agrees to take you on.” Doesn’t everyone get accepted into your program?
No; our enrollment is selective. Our mentors are actual working radio professionals who have agreed to pass their knowledge onto our students. Since your prospective mentor is agreeing to take you into his/her work place, the mentor accepts externs at his/her own discretion. When you attend your OPEN HOUSE INTERVIEW to see if you want to attend the Radio Connection, the mentor is also interviewing you to decide whether or not to train you. We base acceptance into our program on passion, work ethic and attitude. Nothing else.

2) Is it really true that you have no application fees, or other up-front fees?
Yes, it is really true. We charge no up-front fees, holding fees, application fees or any other kind of preliminary charges, period. You only pay your tuition (and any applicable interest, depending on your financial arrangements) once you are accepted into the program and agree to attend. YOU PAY NOTHING UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO ATTEND. The Radio Connection is HEOA Compliant with a comprehensive refund policy. [CLICK HERE TO REVIEW REFUND POLICY].

3) Let me make sure I’ve got this right: I get to go down to the radio station, meet my mentor, tour the facility and talk about the program curriculum and class scheduling BEFORE I pay any money?
ASOLUTELY YES. No money exchanges hands until you see the program with your own eyes, and decide the program is for you.

4) Will I be asked for money once I get to the radio station for the interview?
ABSOLUTELY NOT. The open house interview does not cost anything. You will NOT be asked for ANY MONEY at the open house interview.

5) So if I go to the radio station and don’t like what I see, I am free to walk away?
ABSOLUTELY YES. You are under absolutely no obligation to us until your enrollment is complete. If you don’t believe our program is right for you after attending your open house interview, you can walk away and check out other schools.

6) If I don’t like the radio station you send me to for my interview, can I check out another one?
Yes, under certain conditions—namely, if there is another radio station with an opening available. Bear in mind that the externship s we offer are not necessarily easy to come by, since the people doing the training and mentoring are busy radio professionals with full-time careers. Typically we have a few select openings per month in a given area, and if we set you up with an interview at a radio station, chances are that is your best option. However, if for some reason you prefer not to attend class at that station, if there is another opening, we will do our best to accommodate you at our discretion.

7) How is your externship different from an internship offered by other schools?
Essentially, an intern serves as an errand runner, a “gopher,” an extra set of hands. It isn’t a bad thing, necessarily, but interns basically do chores first and learn second, so it isn’t always the best way to learn. By contrast, as an extern with the Radio Connection, your primary job is to learn. You will be studying our structured course curriculum in private, one-on-one sessions with a professional radio broadcaster who is both your mentor and your teacher. Some chores are a natural part of working in the studio, but your priority in that radio station is to learn the ins and outs of radio broadcasting from a working professional. For a complete list of what you will learn, please click here.

8) Can I arrange my classes around my job?
Yes. Typically, our students begin attending the radio station twice a week, then increase to 3-5 times a week as their schedules allow. Since this is one-on-one instruction, scheduling is usually flexible.

9) This still sounds too good to be true. Is it?
The best way to answer this is to ask you to let us prove it to you. Give us the chance to show you that as an institution with a commitment to excellence and professionalism, we are completely honest about the claims we make.

Don’t waste your money on an overpriced radio school. By putting you directly into a real radio broadcasting facility, the Radio Connection can help you realize your dreams of a broadcasting career like no other school can.

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