Work on real commercials with your mentor.

Working off the previous lesson I took the commercials I scripted and added music to make them more appealing. Spent most of the time between last lesson and this choosing what music to use. I was very pleased with the choices I made. My mentor said the scripts I wrote were excellent as good as […]

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Learn the Fundamentals from a Radio Professional

I got a good idea of the different commercial types and how matching the style to how the copy is written is a real effective way to come out with a good announcement. (It) was real preparation and understanding before even so much as turning the mic on.

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Get a job, and job assistance, with your mentor.

I absolutely love my mentor! He is a blast, and I think he likes me a lot too. My mentor is now going to be helping me get me a job with his station after I’m graduate the Radio Connection, so I’m doing pretty well. Not only this, but my mentor is also going to […]

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Get hands-on experience within a real radio station.

When I first got to my mentors’ station, my mentor gave me some tests that reviewed the history of radio, as well as the rules, regulations, and guidelines of broadcasting. We also went over the FCC’s importance in broadcasting and the different types of employment opportunities in broadcasting. We also went over a lot about […]

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Receive One-On-One Advice from Your Mentor

Today I met with my mentor and we went over my homework, which consisted of recorded commercials that were 30 to 60 seconds long. Everything went very well. I am getting better and better with more practice, and as the Radio Connection program progresses. My mentor is a good teacher, as you can’t get away […]

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Work with Real Professionals

Everything is excellent with my mentor. The first session with my mentor went amazing, as well as the station. Everyone in my mentors’ station are all completely welcoming, and have plenty of work for me to assist with. I am extremely happy and stoked with my progression in the Radio Connection. Thank you all so […]

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Learn by doing.

Today, at my mentors’ studio, one of the board operators for the station had me cover the board for him. At the top of the three o’clock hour I mistakenly played a national commercial in addition to our local break. I talked to my mentor about it and he said to just do a two […]

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Learn the ins and outs of Radio Broadcasting on Real Equipment

During my session today with my mentor, I got the opportunity to get into the recording booth and record some commercials I had been practicing. I recorded five different commercials twice, and after I finished recording, my mentor and I sat down so that my mentor could give me his feedback. The encouraging thing was […]

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