First Two Weeks!

“So far Brendan has me helping him a lot with his MOS or man on the street segment. This is where we go around downtown Chicago and ask people our daily question. After that we begin to splice and edit the answers for their show. When he goes and does his podcast he has me […]

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Another Door Opens (Pt. III)

“Not only would I be able to nab another star athlete and one of my close friends on the PLNU camps, I raised the bar for this interview. My interviews with Parker and Wiggins were both done via phone conversations that were pre-recorded, edited and posted hours after on my Mixcloud page. The demand on […]

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This week I pretty much jumped into it!

“I chose the music, hosted the show, produced it, (all under supervision of course) It’s getting easier and the more I put my hands on it, the more I understand and can picture my own show easier. Also, the program’s newspaper people are doing an interview with me, so I guess I’m doing okay!”

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I’m freaking proud of it.

“Tonight we went through start to – as close to finish as we could get – creating, recording and producing the radio show! We went through and picked the music, made sure it flowed nicely, got the show outline ready and then recorded the talking points (including MY introduction to the show) and then produced […]

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It was INSANE!!!

“Yesterday was the first day of the NFL year which means free agency and trades could begin. It was INSANE!!! Trades for players you never thought would be traded happened and deals were being signed with big target free agents switching teams. Let’s just say it was a lot of fun to listen and read […]

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Vince Vaughn was on the show and it was incredible!

“The interview was over the phone but it was none the less incredible. He was so funny, and knowledgeable about sports. It was a thrill to hear one of my favorite actors on the phone on the same radio station I was at. I can’t wait to do these kinds of interviews, crossing my favorite […]

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Session 8

“On Sunday January 4 I recorded ten Public Service Announcements as well as a weather report. I found it fun and interesting to write the PSAs and also record and edit them. Some of my original PSAs were a little short and my mentor didn’t find them quite informative enough. After some instruction I wrote […]

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Can’t wait for Week 2!

Hello fellow students! I wanted to let all of you know that my Day 1 was awesome! Being in the same room and the excitement of being on the air live with Joe Grande was an experience that I am constantly thinking of all week. Can’t wait for Week 2! I also got to meet […]

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I look forward to going back next week

“I returned to the WMMR studio on Sunday, November 2nd. Previously throughout the week I had worked on section 2 and practiced recording some sample commercials. When I met with my mentor he set me up in the studio again and had me record all the commercials from assignment 2. After going over them with […]

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