I am a regular part of the show and am on the air every time I am there. - Radio Connection Success Stories

“I had been a regular listener of my mentor Tommy G when he was the “leader of the late night” on one of New Jersey’s biggest stations a few years ago. You could only imagine how thrilled I was to hear that he was going to be my new mentor. He wasn’t just a talk show host that I heard of or listened to here and there. This was the guy that I listened to night after night driving home. I knew the type of show he did, I knew his personality, I knew the regular callers that called in. So it was a little strange talking to him on the phone the first time because the guy I listened to every night on my drive home on the radio was now talking to me. After talking to him the first time I knew this was going to be the best place I could have ever hoped to be. From the very first day, Tommy G put me on the air. Now he didn’t just put me on the air to fill air time, he put me on the air to see if (A) I would crack under the pressure of being on live radio and (B) to introduce me to the audience as a new voice to the show. I don’t just sit there quiet in a corner and watch him do his thing, I am a regular part of the show and am on the air every time I am there. The show can be heard live Mon-Fri from 3-6 on 1450AM WCTC in the central NJ area or always playing on TommyGShow.com and also on the tunein app.”


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